Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 July ... Results

So, what do you think?  The soil left by the removal of the huge Spruce tree was not conducive to a good garden. I just followed the guidelines available in my ebook.  Next year will be exciting as the soil gets rid of the detriments, gravel, or whatever that was under that beautiful Spruce tree. I really miss the tree but this small garden is another attractive addition to my the neighbors say.

The rhubarb is even better than last year. Maybe you know or maybe not but adding a handful of strawberries into the pot when you prepare the rhubarb, along with a little honey, really creates an awesome desert. I love the tart taste so I don't add much honey.

The beans are delicious when prepared with a little margarine or butter.
Maybe next year the asparagus will satisfy. We used to pick a lot of wild asparagus in our apple orchards. It was always fat. Mom would just remove the upper part, breaking it off just where it became crisp and would easily snap when bent. I know it takes at least three years to become a quality plant. Have to learn to be patient.

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