Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 - A New Gardener Year

A New Gardener Year is upon us...2012.
Tree that was removed
 Basic layout of bricks for Garden
 Various views during 2011
 Rhubarb, Beans, Strawberries
 Corn, DayLily 
 From Road looking Opposite Direction
O how I miss that beautiful tree !!!  Of course I was told that my first year would be a waste of time as the soil was full of contamination from the 50 or so year old evergreen tree. Here in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, we call these majestic trees Pine trees and Fir trees and Spruce trees. 

So I followed the advice given in my eBook, using the soil acid test and general tips for success. While digging the soil by hand to remove the huge quantity of roots, the gravel mixture that was used by the developer was very evident. Not to be discouraged, and after a lot of spreading and digging and spreading, an almost reasonable soil mix was managed.

The asparagus was a failure...too dry I think. The beans and corn flourished! My hope is that the strawberries will be better this year. 

At first it was impossible to find worms but by the end of the year there were lots of them. It pays to work the soil with compost.  

The effort to water efficiently sure paid off for the tomatoes. I put a small water trickle seeper at the base of the plants. No water on the leaves and lots of pruning back.

The ebook author really knows her stuff !!  Gave me a base or foundation of ideas to get started with and made it easy to ad my own ideas. After all, my life profession has been fixing cars!   Give me an email if you would like the eBook ...Fre*e 'cause I think you would like it tooo!
(ask for the book and I will email it to you)
Kelowna, BC, Canada

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