Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kitchen Gardener | Testing the Soil (1)

If you find that your plants just aren’t producing, maybe you should test your soil to see what it needs. Poor soil is usually lacking in sufficient levels of nutrients to sustain plant development. By knowing what your soil lacks, you can amend the soil and in turn have a garden that is the envy of the neighborhood!
Testing your soil is relatively easy. Basic soil test kits can be purchased either online or at a garden supply store. If you have different soil conditions throughout your garden, you may need to test each area. For example, a flower garden, a vegetable garden, and a field will all have different needs and the soil usually has a different composition.
You can also use your local cooperative extension agency to assist you in a soil test. Although most cooperative extension offices don’t perform the tests themselves, they can refer you to someone who does. These soil tests are generally more detailed and can even make recommendations on how to improve your soil.

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