Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bokashicycle | Anaerobic Compost

   Recently a process came to my attention regarding a new composting concept in a sealed five gallon pail. This is composting without oxygen, which is the opposite of what we normally do in our compost bins in the garden.
   This is a sealed process consisting of a pair of five-gallon buckets that take very little space. Once the first bucket is filled it is sealed tight so no oxygen can enter and the process to "pickle" anything from vegetable matter to meat and bones takes as little as a week's time.
   Meanwhile, you start filling the second bucket and mix the processed contents of the first with your garden soil and watch it disappear in short order.
   A tea can be drained off the spigot at the bottom of the bucket for use as a fertilizer for garden and container plants.
   The system is called Bokashicycle  and along with the kitchen waste process they have a separate system for pet waste. This system for recycling pet waste takes the pooh and turns it into a wonderful nutrient blend for the flower and shrub beds.
   For more information on the two systems go to www.Bokcashicycle.com
Thank you Don Burnett

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