Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gardener Failure?

This is NOT my garden!
In May things looked very good
but now the middle of June
it is a different story.

RAIN.   We have had so much rain that my tomatoes are getting tired hanging on to the vines for dear life.  They are numerous but greener than grass. How discouraging for the Kitchen Gardener.

What a varied weather and growing pattern in our area of the world.

West of us, along the Pacific coast, May was early and the daffodils matured almost 3 weeks too soon. So those growers lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because the plants were past bloom before Easter.

Now the Kitchen Gardener industry is discouraged because we have not had enough sun shine to warm the soil and get those seeds to sprout and grow normally.

It has been good for the hothouses  but not for open planting. I was out driving in the cherrie tree area on Sunday, looking for good cherries.  Normally there would be lots of ripe fruit but not this year. And the rain will soon split them now.

Did you know that old newspapers can be used in the Kitchen Gardener's plans?
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