Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Kitchen Gardener - May Frost

May Frost ... well it stepped aside this year ... just barely!

I put this sign up just for fun.

You see, every year my plants have to be sheltered and
coddled, covered with blankets or whatever is handy
because I plant them too soon.

One year I  even set up a tent over the tomatoes and put a hot light bulb inside to try to save them. What a struggle. That time the fruit did not  appear until middle summer as the plants had to re establish themselves after being treated so unkindly.
   This year it appears we will eating fresh tomatoes in a couple of weeks.
    If you have been creating healthy starters in a sheltered environment please be careful to harden them before transplanting them outside for good. The plants need a gradual change from their limited light place to the out of doors. Put an umbrella over them or maybe even my black plastic tent that helped keep the frost off my plants a few years ago.
   This year the sun was so hot for a week that some of the leaves of the plant withered and crumbled.
   My next door neighbor has just planted their tomato babies. The weather conditions this year are very favorable. So they should have a good crop for canning this fall.

        This eBook is sure being a big help.

We will continue to post tips as the season goes on. It is such a delight to have the opportunity to work with the soil. One does not need a huge plot of land to be happy ... but those of my neighbors who have lots of room also appreciate that wonderful fact.


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