Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Small Kitchen Gardener | Your Kitchen Gardener

Is there such a
thing as too
small a garden,
either flower,
vegetable, for

"the kitchen gardener"?
This little spot of color is so welcome by the neighbors. I have marigolds, petunias, geraniums, lilies, hydrangea, snapdragons, ferns, blue spruce. Every year,other than the hydrangea, the planting is different. This year (now just started) there is a new climbing clematis  at the base of the spruce that will have fun draping itself over the tree's limbs.

I think of those in the cities that place raised boxes or flower pots in casual or special spots.
How wonderful!

If all who enjoy living plants would simply grow something anywhere, we would all feel happier.

One of the fellow gardeners grows sprouts in a mason jar in the window at the kitchen sink.

What are you doing for your kitchen gardener who is anxious to get out and cultivate your garden?

For ideas take a look here:    htttp://

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