Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kitchen Gardener | Rock Ground Cover

   One needs to  be very careful when using rocks for ground cover in your kitchen gardener.

   There is a need to replace water sucking lawn in unused areas. However, consider other types of ground cover such as drought tolerant shrubs, ornamental grasses,etc.

    Just like pavement and sidewalks, rocks will absorb and reflect a tremendous amount of heat, making it hotter in adjacent buildings and homes as well as stressing any plants planted in them unless they are dry heat lovers such as sagebrush and lavender. It is also hard to clean fallen plant debris out of rocks and to weed out of them when the inevitable weeds begin growing. The kitchen gardener of course will be wise to this fact.

   Even if you liv  in a semi desert, one can have beautiful lush gardens that use very little supplemental water. Please consider a more successful way to garden ... 

   Just another word of help for those of you looking for that perfect kitchen garden courtesy of

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