Monday, May 3, 2010

Kitchen Gardener

Hello Reader,

     This morning I noticed the April rain gently covering my lawn and garden with such a thorough almost mist. If this had been two months ago we would have welcomed what we often see in this area of the World.  That is what is called powder snow. Such a delightful layer of white on the ground, giving those who like winter sports the best of the best to ski and snow board on (and in).
     This past winter has been very hard on my yard. Not enough moisture. The temperature was above normal and the snow was not sufficient to provide the winter wetness that is so important to the survival of my roses.
     One beautiful climbing rose called it quits.  So it was necessary to prune it back right to the earth this spring. We will have to wait to see if it will come back.
     Also my very precious hydrangea has part of the basic form showing the same problems.
     Our trees, shrubs, plants etc. all need a real winter experience to continue successfully in their growth. Not so this winter. Because we did not have enough reasonable cold weather, the complete growing system will experience difficulties this year.
     For awhile pruning, feeding and lots of water is about all we can do.

     There is knowledge of what can help in this Gardener's Manual contained in the Kitchen Gardener. I hope you like it!          The Kitchen Gardener 
Your Gardening Friend ... Mr Barrymor

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