Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beautiful Ferns | Your Kitchen Gardener

Thought you would like to see my fern. It is almost 4 feet tall! Picture taken by my kitchen gardener

Got to thinking why it is so happy.  Well my underground water seepers have been very generous to the roots of this gorgeous specimen and also I have been using sheep manure fertilizer for the past few years. This baby is only three weeks old ... obviously very happy in my garden.

You will see other ferns starting to grow just to the left of the geraniums. We had a very dry winter with little snow and not much cold weather. The plants are all showing the result of the lack of moisture with some of them dying as a result. My prize climbing rose simply gave up and had to be pruned back to the ground. Looks like I have lost it.

The ferns will continue to sprout and grow at their own pace. The roots travel every direction from the mother plant. So the babies pop up everywhere ... and keep doing so for another month usually in my  garden.

I transplanted a couple from the wild a few years ago and at times simply have to pull them out when the appearance gets too cluttered. My home is in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.

This Valley runs north and south from our area right down into Washington. A wonderful place to live!

No matter what happens each year, it is so wonderful to cultivate and encourage in "my garden"


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